Frequently Asked Questions

We help businesses reach new markets by providing language solutions. We give businesses that are looking to export or expand overseas a competitive edge by ensuring they communicate fluently on a global scale.

If you want to reach new customers you need to speak their language. Professional language services enable you to communicate effectively and appropriately with your target markets, even if you are not familiar with the target languages and cultures. Making this investment shows that a business cares about their end-users, and creates a basis of trust and understanding with customers abroad.

Translation is changing a text from one language to another. Localization includes translating a text but also adapting it to suit the target culture. For example cultural references, time and date formatting, images used with the text, etc., often need to be adapted for the target culture.

Your promotional material and other communications are only as strong as the weakest link in the communication chain. If you use cheap linguistic resources such as automated systems or unqualified linguists, your localization process may well be that weakest link. Bad localization undermines the effectiveness of your communication abroad and damages your brand. You wouldn't tolerate spelling and grammar mistakes in your English promotional material or website, so why should any other language be different?

The Loc People is used to working with start-ups and SMEs on limited budgets and we can offer you a competitive quotation. The cost of a localization project depends on the amount of text, the languages involved and whether any other services, such as desktop publishing or software engineering, are required. In any case, a well executed localization project will cost much less than the potential damage to your brand caused by a bad quality or unprofessional localization.

We work with over 20 different languages and thanks to our wide network of freelance professional linguists we can provide localization services for virtually any language combination. All our linguists are qualified translators with at least two years localization experience. To ensure quality and perfect target culture awareness, our linguists only ever translate into their native language.

Your project is assigned a project manager who is your point of contact at all stages of the process. Translation is carried out by qualified, experienced native-speaker linguists and is done on site as far as possible. All translations are reviewed by at least two linguists. We use translation technology and terminology databases to ensure quality, consistency and efficiency. We also provide software engineering and DTP where needed. The Loc People has been built on close to two decades of experience in the localization industry. We understand the pitfalls and best practices of a successful localization project and we work only with carefully selected and qualified linguists, engineers and project managers who are passionate about localization and committed to making your project a success.